Gathering Thoughts

I was upset when I learnt that even at the rate of seeing one person a second, one lifetime is very inadequate to meet all the people on earth.

Somewhere along the way, I have been thinking about the choices that hypothetical people would make in a myriad of contexts and was thinking about some kind of ‘a grand narrative’ that would subsume all.

Well, no one can see the grand narrative, but has access to only a limited abridged edition of it. Then how could possibly all people ever conspire to make everyone happier?

If one were hoping that the above question has an easy answer that could be written down in a casual blog post like this, then they are only fooling themselves.

I first thought about the above problem several years back, as an undergraduate student, and clearly back then I was more in a state of stupor or awe and I had absolutely no dreams of ever solving it.

All I am saying now is that from that day I think I have made progress. So lets put together all that I now know about how-to-attempt-a-solution and curate all things useful (the map to el Dorado, if you wish to believe):

  1. In differential geometry, one learns about doing patchwork i.e. – how to put together parts in a coherent manner to make a whole. Walking this way leads to Information Geometry.
  2. People have solved optimization problems via message passing. This Ph.D. thesis could be a starting point to know more. Also there is a connection between Information Geometry and Message Passing, for example this Ph.D. thesis.
  3. One might be interested in ideas as be employed in Analog Logic or Statistical Computing, where people solve problems with message-passing like ideas.
  4. This post on azimuth starts with an intriguing and similar premise. But I don’t know enough about it to say much.

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