A paper by Gromov

I haven’t started reading information geometry, and now it feels it will take a while (may be after February, or may be after July) before I start reading information geometry. I am kind of busy with a few other things.

In the meanwhile, I found this paper which I would certainly want to take a look at (because: 1. It is Gromov 2. writing about things I am interested in 3. and because it is Gromov! 4. Why is Gromov here? 5. What else is Gromov into 6. You get the idea!). So lets put it on the calendar, lest I forget: tentatively somewhere in December I will take a superficial view of this paper. I will look for mentors who can help me read these kind of work.

p.s.: Sorry no more chess analysis. No time for it for years to come.


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