Lets start!

I just want to latex anything right now! So lets do this:

F_B(q) := \displaystyle\sum_{ij}\sum_{x_i,x_j} q_{ij}(x_i,x_j)\log\frac{q_{ij}(x_i,x_j)}{\phi_{ij}(x_i,x_j)}-\sum_i\sum_{x_i}q_i(x_i)\log\frac{q_i(x_i)}{\psi_i(x_i)}

The above is called Bethe Free Energy. For a graphical model, the above is an approximation to the actual Free Energy.

p.s.: I haven’t thought ahead much about how to use this blog. I am thinking to review papers and write about things while I learn. But lets see.


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